Book covers I have illustrated and designed:

Den Of Thieves cover finished Pendant Book Cover Ambulant Cover text

Front back book cover

Createspace Final cover SMALL

Puppy waits front cover paws

Teddy Pink Nose Cover

Book cover Blond with hyphen

Fantasy character illustrations by Beth Hammond:

Book 3 cover SOTS Filtered

Ashra Dinning Hall Vivienne done Bazine with Background

Dinning hall finished

Perditus Finished Frankie Cover Fleuric start

Krank and Rain finished

Frankie and the Book Akira Branish Ashra Bazine Perditus

Rucain Bisha Finished    Krank and Ashra

Mine Attack updated

Bisha and Fire Bird

Rucain Akira done

Ratha and Abrack with name Ashra and Blithe cropped

Nonsomni Pamphlet

Ashra Bazine Cave Finished

Epatras and Timera Finished Postersmall

Sheed Shara Desert

Children’s picture book Illustrations by Beth Hammond:

Puppy waits Puppy reads

puppy peaking Puppy hiding

puppy naps Puppy goes potty rough pastel

Puppy does laundry Puppy does dishes

Illustration Collage

Mommy and Boy Lamp and dog cropped

Froggy and Dad

Froggy hiding

chasing birds

Teddy Bee

Flying a kite

Bears at Sunset text