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Book Review: The Sound of the Stones by Beth Hammond

What a nice review. Thank you Mr. Wiley!

Author David Wiley

51oo01n-0alTitle: The Sound of the Stones

Book One in the Shattered Time Series

Author: Beth Hammond

Published by: Beth Hammond Books (January 3, 2017)

2nd Edition

Pages: 371 (Paperback)

Blurb: Nephilim, aliens, gods – They’ve been called by many names, but when Frankie stumbles onto an ancient book, the truth about the past reveals a more startling reality. What she reads about Ashra and the powerful Krad race makes her question her place in this world. The birthmark on her arm begins to burn as she reads the book, the birthmark that looks eerily similar to the symbol on the first page.

In Ashra’s world, the oppressive Krad race use crystals to hold humans hostage. Unknown to the Krad, Ashra has the gift to manipulate crystals. Keeping her power a secret becomes more difficult by the day. The time to rise up is now, but standing up to an entire…

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I’m Moving And Taking You With Me!


I put my big girl pants on and made a fancy dancy new website. Ok, it’s not that fancy dancy but it has plugins and stuff! I also have a brand-new email! <- That’s a long one eh?

I’m sending out this last post here on so those who follow are aware. If you just follow my blog but don’t have email notifications turned on then no worries you will still see my occasional posts in your feed. But, if you follow and do have email notifications turned on, and want to keep them, then head on over to and fill out that little side bar thingy to keep them headed your way. If you don’t follow me then come on by and join me!

I’m so excited to start my next journey in this crazy world of writing. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with readers and other writers. This little author is growing up. You’ve done well my friends. You’re raising me right;)

If you ever want to talk shoot me an email. Just make sure to copy and paste that link so you don’t break your fingers typing it out.

One more thing, I’ve got a Goodreads giveaway going on right now. Head on over and enter for your chance to win!

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Giveaways by Beth Hammond

I have a couple of giveaways going on right now. I thought I would blog a little blog, dance a little dance. You don’t get to see the dance. But if you did it would look something like this:


Fist thing’s first, I will be giving away a paperback version of one of the books listed on this image:

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It will ask you to visit my Facebook author page to gain entry. That’s it! No fuss no muss. <- I’m not even sure what muss is but it rhymed with fuss so…

Alright my friends, that’s it! Do it up and enter for your chance to win books!


Free Children’s Picture Book – 2/16-2/17

My illustrated children’s book Puppy Waits was modeled after my own son’s beloved stuffed puppy. He took it everywhere. Heaven forbid we ever misplaced him. Let me share this sweet tale of a puppy who pretends he is his owner. What are you waiting for? It’s free 2/16-2/17 grab a copy now:)

Puppy waits front cover paws


“Puppy Waits” is a heart warming and silly tale about a beloved pet dog.

“While you’re out do you imagine puppy waits for you in the window? Perhaps his nose presses against the glass, leaving wet streaks. He fogs the window while he pants. Maybe his tail is poised and ready to wag as soon as you walk through the door. But what if I told you puppy does other things while you’re away? Puppy pretends he’s you!”

Kindle ebook

B&N Book Signing – Army Vet and OSU Grad Visits Her Old Stomping Ground

B&amp;N Book Signing banner

Let’s pretend that I didn’t write this in third person and that I actually have a book promoter;) I get to do a thing!

Columbus, Ohio author Beth Hammond will visit The Ohio State University Barnes and Noble Feb 27th at 1pm to sign copies of her award winning YA fantasy The Sound of the Stones.

Beth Hammond is an Ohio State graduate and former military engineer turned writer/illustrator. With a focus on children’s and young adult literature she brings a unique aspect to her work with a grasp on military tactics. As a wife and mother coupled with her degree in psychology and sociology she delves deep into the character’s mind while painting an intricate logistical backdrop.

Review Buzz:

“Author Beth Hammond has done an absolutely fantastic job in creating characters that her readers will relate to, connect with, and continue to think about long after the story is done. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is.”

“Every aspect of this book is well thought-out; the world, abilities, characters, and dynamics of the book-world reality. The characters are unique and fully developed, even the secondary and background characters.”

“Ms. Hammond’s development of character and story are exquisite. I was hooked from the first chapter, and couldn’t put it down until I had finished the book.”

Award Nods:

Reader’s Favorite five star recipient

The Great Midwest Book Festival Honorable Mention

INSPY Award Nominated

Join the event here!
See? That wasn’t awkward was it?

Free Children’s Picture Book = Happy Tiny Humans

Free this week Feb. 1st – 5th I give to you an absolutely absurd book. Absurd? Yes, the silliness abounds in this tale of toes who are people…with personalities…and smells. Smells? Yes smells. Do Your Toes Stink Good?

Public Service Announcement: Don’t, under any circumstances, download and read this to your child unless you want to smell their feet. They will ask you to do so once the story ends. You have been warned;)

cover-imageA silly children’s book that puts a spin on the “This Little Piggy…” game. Toes have names, personality, and their very own smell! Let me take you on a funny adventure where toes are people! The illustrations are colorful and whimsical. This story is sure to create a fun atmosphere for the parent and child alike. Don’t be surprised if your child asks you to smell their feet! Honestly, I want to know if your toes stink good!

Free Kindle Download Here

Reviews DYTSG

The most ridiculous trailer ever made:

Best Selling Robertson Releases New Dark Fantasy

If the cover doesn’t make you want to read Dyndaer – Thrice Nine Legends, the writing surly will. Check out best selling Joshua Robertson’s second installment in the Kaelandur series. You don’t want to miss this.


DyndaerCoverBranimir emerges from the Netherworld as a living legend and learns the Ash Tree is still in danger from the cursed dagger, kaelandur. An old friend compels Branimir to finish what they started at Melkorka. Once again, the former slave must keep kaelandur out of uncertain hands, while struggling to separate heroes from villains and friends from foes. Some evils never lessen.






The demons of the Netherworld chased him. Four-legged, wolf-like creatures, known as Dreka, rammed their goat horns at Branimir. The gray, wrinkled skin clung to their gaunt frames. Thin lips were stretched back giving sight to the rows of teeth on the tops and bottoms of their bloodied gums.

Branimir tumbled, swinging his weapon and feeling it tear through flesh as easily as a hot blade through frost. For a moment, he may have heard Dorofej’s riddlesome voice—no, his cry—but Branimir had not the time to listen. Bran had to scramble, and sneak, and stab.

And stab. And stab. And stab.

The urgency of the battle and the demons thumped inside of his head.

“Stop!” A familiar voice, again, cried in desperation.

Crimson splattered his vision as his dagger cut through skin once more. His blade loved the taste of blood; he felt the need to drench it again.

Pain stung his leg, but it was quickly forgotten as demon after demon lunged for him. The Dreka were ever persistent in their attack. He spun, and twisted, and disappeared to avoid every demonic beast soaring through the air, vicious teeth aimed for his throat. They would not reach him. For a moment, he thought he saw a flash of Hanna’s wide eyes, but they looked unfamiliar. Treacherous. Evil. Besides, his dagger was already cocked behind his ear and he felt incapable of restraining himself.

Check out book one Melkorka here just click on the cover:


With a 4.8 star average rating here are what a few reviewers are saying about the Kaelandur series:
Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.33.13 AM copy



RobertsonPicJoshua currently lives in Alaska with his wife and children. In 1999, he began crafting the world for Thrice Nine Legends, including Melkorka and Anaerfell. He is also the author of the A Midwinter Sellsword and Gladiators and Thieves in the Hawkhurst Saga. His short story, Grimsdalr, is inspired by the tale of Beowulf.



INSPY Awards 2016 Longlists

The Sound of the Stones made the long list of nominations for the INSPY awards 2015 best reads in YA and Speculative fiction categories! You can’t see me now but I’m dancing.
Featured Image -- 657

Source: INSPY Awards 2016 Longlists

A Subjective Review – The Art of Receiving

It’s going to happen. You’re going to get book reviews that sting.


Some things to consider when you get reviews that have critical content:

Often they will conflict with other reviewers opinions. Why? Because art is subjective.


It’s important to respect the opinions of the reviewer even if they are critical.

But, if you see a pattern in the critical reviews take heed. You can learn and grow from it.


If you see wildly conflicting critique then it is probably just a matter of taste. Brush it off and move on.


Oh, and one last thing. Don’t ever, under any circumstances, argue with the reviewer in public. It’s like committing career suicide.


Not to mention it makes you look like this to potential readers:


Save that for home;)


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