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51oo01n-0alTitle: The Sound of the Stones

Book One in the Shattered Time Series

Author: Beth Hammond

Published by: Beth Hammond Books (January 3, 2017)

2nd Edition

Pages: 371 (Paperback)

Blurb: Nephilim, aliens, gods – They’ve been called by many names, but when Frankie stumbles onto an ancient book, the truth about the past reveals a more startling reality. What she reads about Ashra and the powerful Krad race makes her question her place in this world. The birthmark on her arm begins to burn as she reads the book, the birthmark that looks eerily similar to the symbol on the first page.

In Ashra’s world, the oppressive Krad race use crystals to hold humans hostage. Unknown to the Krad, Ashra has the gift to manipulate crystals. Keeping her power a secret becomes more difficult by the day. The time to rise up is now, but standing up to an entire…

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