A fun review about a book by an awesome author!


What you on about now Carl?

This is my first ever book review!

Really? What’s the book?

Hmmmm. That’s easy. It’s called The Machine and it’s by a friend of mine – E.C. Jarvis.

What’s the genre?

Got me there. My best shot would be that it’s a steampunk, semi-erotic thriller/mystery with lots of violence, torture, depravity, murder, pirates and a cat.

A cat?

Yes. A cat.

Does the cat have a large part?

Larger than you’d think.

I’m intrigued.

You should be. It’s a fast paced book with lots of twists and turns. The characters are deep yet not over-explained and there are always questions raised which keep you thinking yet she doesn’t leave you dangling for the answers. In that way it’s a very satisfying read. You do get satisfied within just the right amount of time to not leave you so frustrated you lose interest.

Is there…

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