Re-blogging because it amused me. Reason #6 in particular.


I was asked yesterday where my blog topics come from (No, it wasn’t my psychiatrist).

My answer was that I really have no idea. I just get up in the morning, have a smoke and a coffee then rest my hands on the keyboard and out it comes. (The piece!) 😉

So, here is an example of how my mind works …

The rain here (London, UK) has been torrential the past two days and the snails in our garden are out in force. I made a video yesterday and got a trans-atlantic snail race going with bets flying electronically across the ocean. This morning I saw the O2 (mobile phone company) ad for ‘Be more dog’.

So there you go – ‘Be more snail …’

Ok. But why should I be more snail?

Excellent question! I always research my pieces and found the following reasons …

  1. Snails are cool…

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